Tips for Getting Ready to Sing

deep breath and relax

Many people have been telling themselves that they want to learn how to song and have put it off for some time. It’s now the right place to stop wasting time and get started on it. Just like anything else in life, it takes practice to get good at it so now is the perfect time to start. I will discuss 3 big principles in learning how to get started on the singing path.  The 3 main ideas are posture and how it can truly affect how your voice comes out of your mouth. Learning how breathing correctly can help you manage the tone that comes out and last but surely not least, the principles of what some call ‘voice production’. If you can master all over these, you will have a great head start to your singing endeavor.



When it comes to singing, breathing is often overlooked, especially by people who are just beginning. If you get this right you can create an amazing tone that comes out. If you are exerting excessive tensions your voice may sound off and it could potentially lead to injury. The idea is to reach the perfect tone and there are many ways of doing this with one of them being to inhale through your nose and through you lungs into your diaphragm. If you breathe correctly it will help you from straining your throat too much. This is important when started out so you don’t overdo it and take 2 steps back.

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good posture

Thought it seems odd when you first think about it, your posture plays a huge role in how your voice comes out. Sit up for moment and you you’ll notice that it’s easier to breathe, it’s easier to take deep breaths, try not to slouch over when singing. If you remain relaxed and create a good posture you’ll achieve an excellent sound. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed and your feet a bit spaced out, make sure you are up right (keeping your back straight). This will also help you avoid any muscle tension that is not necessary.


Theory of Voice Production

When first learning how to sing you must keep in mind that it’s a higher physical activity than you realize, though it doesn’t seem as such because you’re only standing or sitting. What you don’t realize is you’re straining your body a bit until you can reach that perfect sound out of your diaphragm. You use more than just your vocal chords, you use a good portion of your body. When you see professionals musicians they will use three different methods of singing. 1) Chest voice 2) Middle voice 3) Head voice.


The Head voice is often times more related to a female singer regarding the sounds that come out. Your chest voice is often times used when speaking and the middle voice acts as the connector between the three.


Ideally you want to learn these 3 fundamental parts of singing. This isn’t quite a lesson on singing, but more-so getting you ready for singing. Remember to focus on breathing at a steady pace while keeping your posture in an upright position with your shoulders and feet straight.  The theory of voice production is something that isn’t all that important, but it’s good to know. Take these 3 steps and move forward and start today. Don’t wait and if you really want to learn how to sing, then check out.